December 2018 Newsletter

This Months Events-

Exam Week Care Packages-
We will be putting together care packages for the NMU students who attend Water’s Edge as they enter into their exam week. If you are interested in donating please contact Alison Huber by December 3rd. Homemade treats, healthy snacks, or store-bought goodies are welcome. All donations will need to be dropped off at the church office by December 5th and care packages will be handed out at the Sunday morning service on December, 8th.

Neighborhood Group
Friday, December 14th
December neighborhood groups will be on Friday, December 14th. Groups meeting times and locations vary by group so be sure to contact your group leader. If you are not sure what group you are a part of, please contact the church office.

Children’s Church Christmas Program
Sunday, December 16th
The kids is our Children’s Church will be putting on a Christmas Program during the regular Sunday morning service on Sunday, December 16th. Practice for the program is in full swing. Please contact Randi Brinkman or Kathryn Madison if you are interested in helping put together costumes.

Christmas Eve Service
Monday, December 24th @6pm
The Christmas Eve service will be taking place on Monday, December 24th at 6pm. No child care will be provided during this service.

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